Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Along Came Betty Review

I have made a rather exciting discovery in Tesco blog lovelies! Popping in for a few bits and pieces just happened to take me down the cosmetics aisle, and this section full of pink just caught my girly-magpie eye.

Everything was on offer at the time and, despite how little stock there was left, I picked up a few different pieces to try out. That being said, the products are insanely cheap as they are, most coming at around £5 and I didn't see anything for more than £10 in the stand. 

(On Offer)
Clean Around The Clock Creamy Shower Wash - £3.99
The Prime Of Your Life Illuminating Primer - £4.99
Wow Lashes Mascara - £3.99

The packaging is very Soap & Glory; pretty and vintage inspired but still sturdy and practical. I think that's why I was drawn to it...who doesn't love a cheaper version of a great brand! Plus it is far too cute to resist.

Firstly the Clean Around The Clock shower wash smells divine. It's sweet but really fresh at the same time and makes my skin lovely and soft. I like something that can leave a subtle fragrance on my skin, particularly something uplifting.

The Prime Of Your Life illuminating primer is a new type of product for me. I've never used a face primer before, only eye ones, but considering I have very large pores I think I should probably jump on the bandwagon! 

This is very silky, pink-toned primer with a slight gold shimmer to it, I found it instantly evened out my complexion and gave me a nice healthy glow. I have used this under foundation to just make me look a bit more 'awake' but I think it would look lovely by itself with just a little setting powder over the top for days when you want to keep make up down to a minimum.

The prize out of these 3 has to be the Wow Lashes mascara. They have 2 mascaras on offer, one focusing on length and this focusing on volume. In my opinion mascara should do both but I think it may also be a wand shape preference. I like a nice chunky thick wand so I went for this (the pictures of the wands are on the sides of the packaging). I like the fact although the wand is chunky to really add volume, it's quite short so you have a lot more control over where you are putting the product.

Left eye with mascara, right eye bare
I don't think this is a life-changing product but for how little I paid for it, this is a great product! It does lengthen and define my lashes whilst adding good volume. It doesn't smudge and lasts well throughout the day. Wonderful! 

I will be back Tesco!!

Loves xxx

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