Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Crown 78 Colour Palette

I am officially 20 blog lovelies! It feels so weird saying that, I know this post is a little late as my birthday was actually 5th June but on that day I was sat in a peddlow in Zurich in my stripey bikini. (It's going to be very hard to top that one!) So when I returned home I got to unwrap this little beauty from my gorgeous mummy. She is just as much a beauty addict as me so this was the perfect present to feed my problem.

This is a professional palette, coming to us from Crown (the makers of gorgeous brushes) and has so many colours it makes me want to cry. 

The packaging is very typical of a large professional palette: simple, sturdy and sleek with a small mirror. Does the job nicely.

The colours...
This has a range of both matte and shimmer eyeshadows plus a matte bronzer and blushers. There is literally every colour I could ever need, the bronzer is my new favourite contour and I have been experimenting as much as possible with the shadows. However, my one criticism is that I can't find a colour that I like as a brow/inner corner highlight. It has plenty of light colours (including white) but they're all too matte for my taste. I prefer a highlight colour to have a tiny bit of shimmer to it to add a nicer dimension to my face, maybe its just a personal thing.

The eyeshadows (by column)

The blushes

The quality...
The quality of this is amazing, everything is super pigmented and goes on really silky with easy blending. It has great staying power, some colours are becoming my daily staples but I am looking forward to experimenting with this box of gorgeousness!

Has anyone else tried any Crown products?

Loves xxx

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Europe Shenannigans

Well hello there blog lovelies! It feels like it has been forever and a day since I was last sat here typing away. As some of you know I have been off backpacking around Europe for the last month and I thought I'd share a teeny glimpse into what can only be described as the best month of my life.

Our Journey...

Oh yeah we went all out with the travel. My favourite place by far has to be Paris, such a beautiful clean and inspiring city. Totally and utterly in love! I now have a very destroyed bank balance but I did manage to pick up a few Parisian beauties which I will review for you at a later date! I have had an amazing time, met some unforgettable people and done some pretty incredible things. I want to continue to travel our beautiful world...I'm hooked!

Has anyone else been travelling this Summer?

Loves xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Naughty Beauty Haul

Yes I know I'm meant to be saving money for Europe but MUA was having 3for2...what could I do?! I only bought three things though...hurray for self control! Err yeh then I went on Feel Unique so 3 items turned into 5.

So what did you buy I hear you cry? Well from MUA I got their Pro-Base eye primer, their gel eyeliner in 'On the Move' and their Undress Your Skin Highlighter.

I must admit, I have always been so impressed with their products and these new ones haven't disappointed. I wanted to try an eye primer as I have never used one but don't see the point in splashing out if I decide I don't like it. This one popped up for £2.50. ADD TO BASKET PLEASE. This feels lovely to put on, I expected quite a sticky feel to it but is was soft and silky. It made my shadow so much more vibrant and, yes, eventually it creased but it lasted almost an entire day before it did so. Normally after a couple of hours I notice creasing so this substantially prolonged this huge pain in the bum I deal with daily. 

Their gel eyeliner is a pretty chocolate brown with a slight purple shimmer to it. Purple really brings the brown out in my eyes and I wanted something a little bit softer than my usual black to smudge out for a day-to-day look. This isn't as pigmented as I would have liked and did streak a little at first but once I'd kind of got going with it I loved the effect it gave. However, for the first time ever I was very disappointed with MUA for this product, it came off within an hour or so even with primer and eyeshadow and just smudged into nothing. Sorry MUA!

Lastly, this is my favourite of the 3. A gorgeous pinky subtle highlighter that goes on a dream and gives  me a healthy glow. A product I would highly recommend for those who don't want to spend a huge amount, coming in at £3 it is a total bargain! SO in love!

From Feelunique I bought Sugar Strip Ease as an alternative to wax. I was a bit intruiged as to how this would be and I will do a full review next week when I have fully investigated this interesting product. I also finally jumped on the Real Techniques bandwagon and bought the core collection. Why I didn't do this earlier is beyond me. They are super soft and apply my make up like an absolute dream. I want them all now!! So so lovely and perfectly sized. My firm favourite is the buffing brush, it has become my everything brush.

Hope you liked dear readers!

Loves xxx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Yet Another Primark Haul

Oopsie daisy. Primark has reeled me in yet again! All I wanted was a hoody and I came back with a TON of europe goodies. Let's get started then...

First I picked up these 2 lovely floaty vest tops with a sheer panel at the hem for £4 each. I love the bright colours! They are a little sheer but I have a couple of bandeaus to wear underneath.

Then I picked up this pretty sheer shirt with a denim collar and cute polka dots for £7, so cute to wear with shorts!

I had a bit of a blue polka dot theme and got this gorgeous silky loose vest with a longer hem at the back. I thought this would be really loose and light in the sun. This was also a bargain £4!

Aaaand lastly the one thing I wanted, a hoody! I needed something that I could throw on over any of my outfits I've crammed into my backpack. I picked this pretty mint colour because its so bang on trend and perfect for summer! This was a mere £8 and I decided to get a size bigger just to make it extra snuggly.

Hope you enjoyed my little wardrobe insight! (And a glimpse at my  pretty wallpaper)

Loves xxx