Saturday, 30 March 2013

Revlon Lip Butter Review

Yes dear readers, I gave in to my overwhelming need to buy more lippy and bought one of the lovely Revlon Lip Butters in '015 Tutti Fruitti'.

I am so in love with this product, the packaging is very pretty and great for me to see which colour it is to pick out amongst the rest of my collection. However, it is quite flimsy and plasticy I am a little worried how it's going to fare being carried round in my handbag.

The colour is perfect for Spring and Summer, and I love the colour orange against my skin tone. Although it isn't as pigmented as I first thought, I do really like the sheer coverage it gives as I seem to have got stuck in a matt highly pigmented lipstick rut. The texture is very creamy and glides on a dream and is very moisturising on my lips.

Overall verdict? Big thumbs up! I will be picking up a few more shades!

Loves xxx

Friday, 29 March 2013

Holiday Boots Haul

So as anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I am going to Europe for a month this Summer!! I leave in around 8 weeks and as I am going to be insaaanely busy in uni leading up until then, I have started to pick a few bits a pieces up in preparation for backpacking. Armed with my £20 Christmas voucher, off I merrily skipped to Boots to get a few essentials. I am travelling on the plane so I can literally take mini versions due to our 100ml restrictions but me and my friend have said we'll pick proper things up at the other end.

Let's get started! (Don't we all love 3 for 2 offers)

From the left:

Original Source Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel - so so yummy and refreshing to combat how gross I am guaranteed to smell.

Sure Crystal Deodorant - I will need a much bigger one.

Toni and Guy Salt Spray - the only hair product I am allowing myself, fortunately I have naturally wavy hair so this just gives it a bit of oomph

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo - smells delish and works a treat for my greaseball hair

Toni and Guy Conditioner - the sun drys my hair out so much so I need something really nourishing

Toni and Guy Shampoo - essential

Hand Sanitiser - so a germ freak staying in hostels? Yeh such a good idea....

I also picked up a couple of bits I needed in general.

Revlon Lip Butter in 'Tutti Fruitti' I caved and added yet another lip product to my vast collection, pretty spring colour. I think I will do a separate review for this one because it's just so lovely so keep an eye out!

Garnier BB Cream in 'Light'. I have now tried 3 BB creams and I haven't liked any of these but so far, I have LOVED this one. It smells lovely, nice creamy moisturising texture without being too slimy and heavy and a nice even coverage. Great for during the day with a bit of powder over the top. Winner.

Loves xxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What's in My Bag?

So I decided to give you lovelies an insight into what junk I carry round my on a daily basis! My handbag is a Primark £12 jobby, really spacious and a bit funky in my opinion. So the basics: purse (Primark like a billion years ago), tissues, phone, keys, pen, nail file. All boring sorry!

I always seem to carry sunglasses for some odd reason, this also means I break so many pairs because my bag gets bashed around constantly. I tend to stick to Primark cheap and cheerful ones to whip out if its a bit sunny (optimism ladies!) and I'm driving. These pretty ones are new and I picked them up for £2, I really liked the floral pattern round the edge and I only really suit large sunglasses.

A backcombing brush, I think £1 from Primark again. These are fab! I'm in need of a haircut at the moment so it is incredibly heavy and flat so I do need to keep touching up even though I know it is insanely bad for your hair!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume, I go through perfume like its going out of fashion so I tend to stick to cheapy ones from Next or M&S during the day and keep ones like this for the night. But I'm silly and have ran out so until I buy more I'm being naughty and using my posh perfume during the day. It;s just so lovely and elegant I can't help it.

Now we get to my ridiculous amount of lip products. I have no idea why I carry so much of this around I just accumulate it all!

Carmex cherry flavour is absolutely lovely and smells delish I love it!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter, again, a staple it has to be with me at all times.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream, I got this in my Glossybox and I think its great for dry lips and for sticking on really dry patches of skin.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush, again I got this in my Glossybox and I love it, its such a pretty colour and goes on so nicely.

Barry M Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint in number 160 this is a really deep red/purple, great for nights out.

Topshop Lipstick in 'Whimsical', a matte peach so its perfect for Spring!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your handbag essentials?

Loves xxx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Keeping New Years Resolutions

This new year has been a big one for me. Big life changes and big decisions to make. I saw it as only fitting for me to have big new years resolutions. Its a good while into the year and so far I'm doing rather well...

1. Restart a blog (last years one failed miserably)

CHECK! Although it took me until February to even begin putting this together, still I'm a proud panda.


This one's my biggest one. The end of 2012 was a bit of a miserable one for little old me so I've decided I need to take a step back and have a word with myself. Anyone who knows me, and probably anyone who's reading this has gathered that I'm a bit bonkers but I love to embrace it. I lost my sunshine personality a bit but I'M BACK and madder than ever! Hopefully it provides a small amount of entertainment for those around me as I seem to have found myself in a few pickles recently. At least I get a good story out of it. 

A while ago I was browsing the blogisphere when I came across Zoella's blog post about her cute bracelet and had a bit of a gander. I couldn't help myself and ordered a gorgeous 'happy' bracelet in silver as a reminder to myself for the year to be happy in life. (I am not going to talk about the nightmare surrounding the purchase of this, I HATE bad-mouthing sellers but, honestly, I seem to have had a really bad experience unlike most people.) 

I am also one of the thousands of people that suffer from panic attacks and anxiety in certain situations and have done for the majority of my teenage years. If you are one of these people or have ever witnessed someone having a panic attack you will understand how important staying positive and moving forward is. They are horrible to experience, and often sufferers are very embarrassed and feel quite isolated by this condition. I refuse to let myself become someone who's life is ruled by their fears and I can see how incredibly easy it can be to slip into that so I thought having a physical reminder with me to stay positive would at least help. Plus they're just so lovely and a girl needs to treat herself every now and again!

The ever so beautiful Zoe's blog page...

The Etsy shop I purchased my treat from...


As my rather commanding blog name suggests, I am a stereotypical fashion student. We wear an awful lot of black and my wardrobe is starting to look like I go to far too many funerals. I need to inject a little more life into it, colourful clothes to match my colourful personality. (I apologise for that cringey phrase there but it had to be said.) 

If anyone else suffers from any kind of anxiety or panic attacks, just know there's tons of us so you're not alone, you're not weird and you will get through it. :)Comment below if you feel like you can I would love to know someone got something positive from simply knowing there are people in the same boat.

Loves xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Liebster Award

I have just been nominated by the gorgeous Hannah at Beauty Box ( for the Liebster Award!! Such an exciting surprise and I'd just like to say an enormous thank you to her for giving me the morale boost I needed :D 

I think this is such a lovely way to acknowledge other bloggers, we all need to help one another out don't we lovelies?

So the list of things I need to do are:

  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions set by the person who tagged you
  • Choose 11 blogs that you would like to nominate. All nominees must have under 200 GFC followers and you must let them know they are nominated by commenting on their blog
  • Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers you have nominated
  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog

About me:

1. I am currently in my first year studying fashion design at UCLan, although I did my foundation year within the uni so I've technically been here forever already.
2. I also blog for my students union newspaper with my gorgeous coursemate and long-time friend (
3. I am from the North West.
4. I was born in Dubai.
5. I have an unhealthy lipstick obsession.
6. When I say I'm in love with beauty and fashion, it is a total understatement!
7. I hate feet.
8. I eat far too much hummus...seriously it should be illegal.
9. My voice is at a pitch only bats can hear.
10. I'm allergic to any hair dye that contains PPD (this seems to be dark hair dyes). Sad face :(
11. Apparently I look like Demi Lovato, the amount of times I get told this is ridiculous (sometimes people creepily stroke my face). Such a huge compliment though!

Beauty Box's Questions:

1)What is your favourite hair product?

At the moment, Fudge Salt Spray!

2)If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New York please.

3)Handbags or shoes?

4)What’s your favourite type of food?

5)If you could only use one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Maybelline Colossal Mascara, I have tiny eyes 

6)Which makeup product do you love but didn’t expect to?
B. for Superdrug's B Cheeky blusher in Rosy Brown or Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (smells so good)

7)Which makeup product have you been most disappointed by?
Rimmel's BB Cream...DO NOT get the hype

8)Favourite shop?
Superdrug or ASOS

9)What’s the most daring thing you have ever done?
It's not happened yet but I'm inter-railing round Europe with my friend in the Summer, absolutely terrified.

10)If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would buy?
A new car for my mummy :)

11)What would you say is your favourite place is that you have visited?
Anglesey, it's my favourite place in the world

Bloggers I'm nominating:

Beka at Beka's Beauty -

Grace at Ziegfeld Girl Beauty -

Emily at Beauty & the Budget -

Project Rattlebag -

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Fliss at The Offbeat Girl -

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My Questions:

1. What are your dreams/aspirations for the future?
2. Why did you start blogging?
3. Describe your personal style in 5 words.
4. What are the 3 beauty products you cannot live without?
5. What is your favourite make up look to do for a night out (e.g. smoky eyes, statement lip, graphic eyeliner etc)?
6. If you could only wear 1 colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7. What is your favourite clothes shop?
8. What is your favourite drugstore brand?
9. What is your favourite high end make up brand?
10. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
11. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

Anyway make sure you check out all the wonderful bloggers I've mentioned, I really love reading all of their posts and I hope this continues from blogger to blogger! 

Loves xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Glossybox

So this is my first Glossybox, I was so so so excited about this (I love post I'm so sad) but this really didn't live up to my expectations. I was hoping for some new exciting brands that I've not used before or a product that I wouldn't necessarily buy, what I got are lovely products but they didn't make me all giddy like I wanted them to.

This month included: 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
Now I have always wanted to try this so this was a great sample for me to get, this was probably the saving grace of the box. I have been using it on my chapped lips the last few days and it is a great product.

Tresemme Hairspray
This is my usual hairspray so this was, practical yes, but boring. It's a great handbag sized and will definitely be used though!

Juicy Couture Perfume
This isn't a horrible smell but nowhere near what I like, I have tried it out and it just doesn't suit me in the slightest. Sorry Glossybox!

Nails Inc. St James Polish
I do love Nails Inc, but there are SO many exciting nail brands out there and so many gorgeous colours to choose from! Everyone has a red nail polish in their collection I really didn't need another one (although I do like the cute mini size)!

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Stain
I love Jelly Pong Pong, I used to make a beeline for the stand at my annual Clothes Show Live visit so it was nice to rekindle my love for the brand. This was the only thing that really got me smiling when I opened the box, lovely and creamy and more of a stain than the block colour I was expecting. A pretty colour for the season too!!

Loves xxx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Spring Catwalk Make Up

I've been wanting to do a post like this for aaages so I'm incredibly excited for this one. I have used the Spring 2013 Catwalk make up as inspiration for a few looks I've played about with. Hope you like!

All foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix in '52 Vanilla'
All concealer - Sleek Concealer and Correct Palette 02
All powder - Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in '004 Sandstorm'
All eyshadows - MUA 'Glamour Days' Palette
All mascara - Maybelline Volume Express

Lower Lashline:

I love this trend, I mixed the grungy smoky look from Diane Von Furstenburg with the exggerated lashes of Moschino

I used MAC Powder Blush in 'Margin', Eylure's individual lashes and Rimmel black khol pencil eyeliner along with a dark chocolate brown/charcoal colour eyeshadow.


I am in love with the whole idea of the 60's look and think it can be transformed into the most incredible make up! I used Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton as inspiration.

I used Benefit Posietint on the cheeks, Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (to create 2 graphic flicks), Eyelure 65 Years Celebration lashes in 'London Calling' and Estee Lauder Lipstick in 'Blushing Creme'.

Colour Pop:

I took two different looks for this one, focusing on eyes and lips one at a time. I think this is a really wearable summery look if the rest of the face is kept clean and fresh looking. I used the fuschia lips at Giles and the bright blue eyes from Moschino as inspiration.

For the lips I used Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush Stain and for the eyes I used a bright turquoise eyeshadow applied with a wet eyeliner brush.

Hope you like them, I had so much fun doing this post! I'd love to see your creative looks!

Loves xxx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

So I've heard a huge amount about these balm cleansers but I had no idea what they were or what they did. Taking advantage of a 3 for 2 Boots offer, I purchased the Botanics version of this mysterious beauty wonder. I like Botanics stuff, it all smells like plants and natural things so I always feel like I'm helping my skin in some weird logic way. 

Anyway, it was nowhere near what I expected it to look/feel like, its like a giant tub of lip balm that you put on your skin and wipe off with a muslin cloth soaked in warm water. How lovely this feels! So refreshing and like having a wonderful mini-facial every day. My skin has become noticeably more healthy-looking and incredibly soft so this has got plenty of recommendations already! However, I haven't been using it twice a day as suggested as I'm worried oily areas on my face (my nose mostly) will become more oily as it does have a very thick texture. I haven't looked into other brands so I can't speak for those, but I really do like this and think its a real luxury for my skin.

Has anyone else tried this? What have your experiences been like, I'd love to know!

Loves xxx 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

B. at Superdrug Review

Oh my goodness. This is quickly becoming my favourite drugstore brand already. I had never heard of it before I wandered into my local Superdrug and saw all the new stands promoting it. There was a 'spend £10 and get a free gift' offer on so why not eh? So I thought I'd try a few bits and bobs out and let all you lovelies know how I got on. 

The packaging itself is clean and simple, I had no clue it was an own brand until I looked it up on the Internet. Easily recognised and looks great on my dressing table.

Firstly I picked up this gorgeous B. Cheeky blusher in 'Rosy Brown', I find it very difficult to choose blushers as I don't like too much shimmer and I naturally have quite pinky skin so picking the perfect browny or peachy tones has become an obsession of mine. This one is super pigmented and blends really nicely with my favey MAC 182 brush. I have literally worn this every single day since I bought it!

I have very combination skin with dry cheeks and quite an oily t-zone so I wanted an exfoliator which would work with my annoying skin. The B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser caught my eye, it has a lovely rich moisturising texture to it and the micro beads aren't too harsh, which I love. My skin has been super soft and has definitely balanced out since I started using. It also isn't heavily perfumed which is great for me because I'm always a bit wary about putting perfumed things near my eyes. BIG thumbs up from me girlies!!

Now, my free gift excited me very much (who doesn't get excited when the word 'free' is involved . Normally free stuff is a bit rubbish but they did pack quite a few little beauties in this teeny bag. 

Their mini lipstick in 'Rose Quartz' has also become an everyday staple of mine at the moment, very creamy and moisturising with a pretty pink/brown colour which lasts quite a long time!

They also put in a full-sized B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer in 'Golden Sand'. This stuff is lovely for a night-out-eyes base and is a pretty colour for spring. I'm very excited to use this!

Eye shimmer and lipstick swatches
Finally they put in 3 little sample tubes of B. Radiant Rejuvenating Serum, B. Vitalised Eye Cream and BB Cream. All 3 of these have nice subtle scents to them (when I say 'clean smell' do you know what I mean?) and I will definitely be buying them in full sized they all melt into the skin and my skin has been soft and glowy since I dived in. 

These products are now in my skincare staples so if you are intrigued like I was, I'd definitely give them a go as I haven't found a downfall yet!

Loves xxx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spring/Summer Wishlist

I have decided to try and create a wishlist at the beginning of each season, but I've been struggling to find anything really exciting these last few weeks on the high street. I keep clicking through the websites without anything catching my eye so here's just a few bits and pieces to get you in the Springtime mood.

1. Topshop Sleeveless Embellished Swing Dress - £85
2. Asos Minkpink Dip Dye Shirtdress - £65
3. Topshop Longsleeve Panel Shirt - £38
4. Barry M Nail Paint in 'Nude' - £2.99
5. River Island Superskinny White Jeans - £35
6. Topshop Oversized Floral Shirt - £38
7. River Island Collarless Blazer - £45
8. Boohoo Blue Crochet Flippy Shorts - £15
9. ASOS Oversized 70's Sunnies - £10
10. Topshop Black Longline Bikini - £30
11. Topshop Light Vintage Jamie Jeans - £40

So I seem to have a lot of white in here, but white is going to be a massive colour this season so I suppose it seems right to stock up? Hopefully I will be able to add a few bits and pieces into my wishlist as the season goes on, fingers crossed the high street stocks up on some beauties before my holidays!!

Let me know what your thoughts on the current offerings for this season!

Loves xxx