Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lincoln Trip

This Easter I decided I couldn't bear to be parted from one of my uni friends the ENTIRE 2 weeks so I hopped in my trusty car and drove to Lincoln to visit. I've never been and I can honestly say, I am completely in love with this place! I only had time to go for 2 days (boo uni work) so we just chilled, ate, drank and laughed! Here's a few piccies to try and show how cute and quirky the town centre is but I really don't think they do it justice.

I also did a teeny bit of shopping, I needed to pick up a red lipstick for a uni photo shoot so I took advantage of yet another 3for2 Boots offer. I initially wanted a darker, more matte look for this but I completely fell in love with how shockingly red Rimmel Apocalips in 'Big Bang' is and couldn't say no. This stuff lasts forever and is super super pigmented I can see why everyone is raving about it!

I also picked up 2 more Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes (I reviewed another one a while back), in 'Lychee' and 'Prickly Pear' both of which I've had my eye on for a while.

I also had fudge too but that didn't make it into the picture....ooooops!

Anyway, hope you liked this post, I'd love to do more like this! What do you think?

Loves xxx

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