Friday, 31 May 2013

Benefit Fake Up Review

Now I've had the photos for this review for aaages but have been super busy so haven't had time to actually write the review to go with it. This has lived up to the major hype in my opinion and I have recommended this product to a lot of people. 

Despite the hefty price tag (£18.50 for a stick of concealer?!?!) this is worth every penny and I haven't had a day without it since the wonderful sales ladies at the Benefit stand convinced me I needed this. The packaging is typically Benefit: pretty, chic and sturdy. It is compact enough to pop into my handbag for when I need to touch up but I have found that this pretty much does me for the majority of the day.

So what does Benefit say? 
'This crease-control hydrating concealer with Vitamin E and apple seed extract hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra natural look. Fakeup never settles...and neither should you!'

What do I say?
This stuff does exactly what it says on the tin. I instantly look brighter and more healthy as I suffer horrifically from dark circles (yay for fashion student life). It doesn't crease and hydrates my eye area, plus its super blendable so creates a gorgeous base. Love Love Love. I am attached to this fantastic product and it is going to take something spectacular to get me to change to a new concealer. 

Loves xxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May Beauteco Box!

There are officially FAR too many beauty boxes floating round now, I have tried a couple but there hasn't really been one thats offering anything interesting. Then I heard about this new box, offering eco-friendly and organic products within its cardboard wonderfullness.

For a first box, they have really got it right. You can choose which box you fancy out of 3, fairly similar options. The whole packaging fits in with the eco message, completely recyclable and minimal it does the job and makes me feel a teeny bit better about all my packaging waste. 

So what did I get in it? A gorgeous box full of a mixture of yummy smelling brands. I got 2 full sized products! Something I have never received before, I got very excited and it makes the money you spend a lot more worthwhile. 

Anatomicals Body Scrub: This smells divine! So refreshing and light, to me it smells like grapefruit. Really gritty but not at all harsh on the skin. I used this as pre-wax prep and it made my skin silky smooth.

Anatomicals Hand Cream: Again, this is a very light smelling hand cream. It is light and non-greasy but it didn't do much in terms of moisturising. Shame as I love the smell.

MOA Balm: The smell of this is goooorgeous, like eucalyptus and refreshing loveliness. The sample size is unbelievable tiny and it does a nice job. It makes my face feel so refreshed and clean. Lovely but not life-changing.

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream: The full size of this isn't exactly cheap so I have been savouring this as much as possible. It has a subtle floral smell which isn't too overpowering and the thick formula has worked wonders on my dry skin. If it wasn't £35 for a full size I would definitely be purchasing!

Melvita Ultra Nourishing Cream: This is a very strong and sickly smelling moisturiser, not really up my alley but it has a nice texture and is enriched with the '3 honeys' to really nourish dry skin. It sunk in quickly to my skin so I didn't have a horrible greasy feeling but the smell was far too overpowering for me. 

So...overall? A great box full of lovely luxurious products. I WILL BE BACK BEAUTECO BOX!

You can subscribe to get your own Beauteco Box here

Loves xxx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

April's Fashion Favourites

Hello gorgeous people!! I know I'm a teeeeny bit late and we are now in May but I wanted to share with you a few pieces I have been loving and wearing to death over April...

Firstly is this gorgeous handmade collar by Purlesque, a tiny weeny shop on the first floor in the Liverpool branch of Pop Boutique. I actually haven't worn it yet but I can't stop looking at it! It cost around £12 and the lovely ladies in there hand make a huuuuge selection of gorgeous quirky jewellery and collars aswell as selling cutie haberdashery bits.

This shirt is officially my bargain of the year so far. I picked this up in Kilo Stop in Preston, where you buy things by the weight. They have a really cool selection of quirky bits and pieces with a mixture of vintage, new and second hand stuff for both women and men so if you are around go in! Plus the gorgeous lady in there is an absolute angel, so helpful and lovely. This cost me £2.50!! OMG!! I just love the colour and how floaty this is, I have mostly been wearing this over leggings with a white cami underneath or tucked into my disco pants with a bandeau under.

Anyone who follows me on instagram has probably seen my photo of these. Printed joggers are bang on trend, comfy and easy to wear so I picked up 2 pairs in Primark for £12 each. These elephant ones have been my favourite for this month, I've been wearing them turned up with studded boots and a baggy tee for my weird take on Sports Luxe (paired with my trusty red lippie has been my go-to uni look). I also bought a white/grey/teal/pink inky print pair to wear when it gets warmer.

What has been your favourite look this month?

PS Apologies for the selfies, everybody decided they got bored of taking photos for me and I was left in an empty house :(

Loves xxx

Monday, 13 May 2013

We Like Short Shorts?

Hello my lovelies! I have missed you! Well after a uni-stress filled few weeks I am officially BACK with a lot of ramblings and fashion/beautyisms for you all. I apologise for starting on a bit of a rant but I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds this a major Summertime problem.

I dont consider myself to be 'fat', in fact I loathe the word but at a size 12 I am a naturally curvy shape. My bottom half definitely takes up most of the 'curvier' side of me but I try my best to dress this well and I am proud of my natural round bottom and chunky thighs. This said, I don't want to walk round with my bum cheeks hanging out thank you very much. Come summer, every high street on the planet seems to stock a ton of gorgeous shorts which I drool over but as soon as I grab them and toddle off to the changing rooms I realise that they barely cover...well anything. Either this or they're pretty much knee-length. I want to be able to get my legs out like the next person but I shouldn't have to get my bum out aswell in my opinion. I have spent hours and hours going round shops and websites trying desperately to get the right fit and length but nowhere seems to cater for us inbetweeney girls! Come on it's not hard! 

If its denim, printed, statement, culottes or whatever; I want some wonderful brand to pop up and design me a pair of shorts that makes me FEEL good aswell as LOOK good. So get on it high street!

Does anyone else feel like this is a major issue? Oh how odd my mind works...

Loves xxx