Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wine? Check!

Hello my little muffins!

This week has been hectic. Moving back to uni, moving in with new people, freshers week blah blah. I have been out a lot this week so I thought I'd share my favourite outfit from my nights out.

Top - H&M £12.99
Skirt - H&M £14.99
Shoes - Topshop £40
Bag - Primark
Necklace - Primark £12

What do you guys think?


Friday, 13 September 2013


Hello my little muffins!

I know I've already posted today, I was all organised and had it scheduled a few days ago but I've been in an odd mood the last few days. Rather than bottle it all up I decided to write about it...and post it on the a normal person. Bloggers logic!

Today I'm going to talk about something that I've not really seen much on this here blogosphere we call home. Fear. I apologise how truly awfully cheesy this post will be.

I'm not talking about being squealy when a spider runs across the bathtub or (if you're me) passing out when someone cuts themselves. I'm talking about the sort of gut-wrenching, panic-inducing, heart-racing kind of fear that plagues us all at one time or another. Sometimes it's serious things that create this kind of fear, sometimes it's just a little thing that completely freaks you out.

For me, it's been something that has been building all summer and has just taken over the last few days. 
The fear I'm not doing the right thing with my life.

It almost makes me feel silly to think this way. I am so driven and passionate about the fashion industry and have been from a young age so why should this fear even cross my mind? I work hard, I get good grades on a course I love and I surround myself with the industry I couldn't live without. It's the future that terrifies me. I know I want to be a designer but at the same time I love doing this. Writing, photographing, blogging. Can I fit both into my life and be successful? I don't even know what sort of designer I want to be yet, I have a few more years to go of my degree but I have to do a work placement next year and I couldn't even begin to come up with a brand I want to work for. I feel like time is ticking away all too fast.

So what do I do with these fears? Am I not meant to admit to them? Do I learn from them or let them consume me? I have no clue! Sometimes we can 'grow some balls' and just push past them; but sometimes there are days when we just can't. And there's nothing wrong or abnormal about that. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions we have as human beings, it's what we do with it that counts.

OOTD - Leather and Jeans, Garage Glamorous

Hello my little muffins!

Despite the weird weather the North West is experiencing the last couple of days (rain one minute then sun the next? Just decide!) I did want to share with you my favourite outfit from this week.

This top is super cute, the leather sleeves and collar give it a bit of an edge (I'm loving the punky grungy influences in the upcoming seasons trends) and the wine colour makes it a little bit brighter. I have a longer body and short legs so finding tops which come to a nice length on me is really difficult but I really like the length on this and how it goes slightly longer at the back.

I just put this on with my gap skinny jeans and my favourite DM shoes! Comfy, girly grunge! Teamed with a smudgy eye and a sheer colour on the lip, I think this is my favourite look for the current weather.

Top - Primark £10
Jeans - Gap £30
Shoes - Dr Martens £85

What do you think?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sleek Face Form Kit Review

Hello my little muffins!

I have a very round face. And a big head. Problematic. I struggle to find contour bronzers to suit me because they're either really orange or muddy. I have lusted over Sleeks contour kit for aaages and finally decided to take the plunge.

What I didn't realise was that they do a Face Form Kit which includes their infamous Rose Gold blush (in the fair/light kits) and it works out cheaper to buy this than the contour kit and blush separately. Woo student logic!!

The packaging is usual Sleek: simple, sturdy and chic. It does tend to get a little dirty but I can forgive that for how sturdy and well-sized they are. You get a good sized mirror in there too so it is pretty much handbag perfect.

The kit includes a bronzer, highlight and blush. All 3 are so super soft and pigmented it is crazzzy. Their colour choices are really great too, the bronzer is a subtle matte brown which blends nicely so you don't get a weird stripey effect and actually looks good on my skin. The highlight is my least favourite of the 3; it is a little bit too subtle but if you layer it you start to just look sparkly. I like it but I do prefer my MUA highlight. The blush is so beautiful though, you need an incredibly light hand to apply the gold-flecked peachy pink colour and it just gives a healthy glow to the cheeks. 

This lasts all day easy and is amazing value for money. You can get it here for a steal at £9.99! 

Have you tried this product?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Revlon Nail Enamel 'Seductive' Review

Hello my little muffins!

I have been harping on about berry tones for a while now, they are perfect for the A/W season and I just feel like they suit me really well. I've been sticking them on my eyes and lips so why not nails too?

In the bottle this looks so gorgeous, really vampy and dark. Now I'm not usually one for negativity but I always promise honesty. I love Revlon nail varnishes, I have TONS and I've never had a problem with them. However, this shade is so disappointing it brought me down from my mega purple high.

I found it really thin in formula, meaning it took a good 3 coats to get it opaque and even then I've been left with streaky nails. Sad sad Emma. Also, the brush seems so much thinner than normal so it took forever to paint my nails. Noone wants that Revlon!

Having said that, I do still love the colour itself I just maybe need to go on the hunt for a better one. Also, it actually lasted around 5 days without chipping. Nice one!

Have you tried Revlon polishes?

Loves xxx

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Empties

Hello my little muffins!

There have only been a handful of products I've used up this month (other than toothpaste but who wants to see my empty toothpaste tube?) but I have really enjoyed using these products and I am sad to see them go.

1. Along Came Betty Clean Around the Clock (full review here)

This has taken me aages to use up, I've loved it so much I've been savouring it! It smells so invigorating and fresh it wakes me up of a morning....a tough task I must say. Plus it really hydrates my skin so I have baby soft skin mmm.

2. Toni & Guy Salt Spray

I have repurchased this a few times, I really like the smell and the hold it gives on the texture it gives. Not much more I can say really, it's a nice product but nothing exciting.

3. Crazy Colour Bleaching Kit

This has by far been the best bleaching kit I've used to create my ombre hair. It is really strong so I get a nice light blonde without the brassiness, plus it hasn't done as much damage to my hair as most kits I've tried. I will be using this for my next dye attempt!

4. Revlon Lip Butter in 'Tutti Fruitti'

Oh I'm so sad to see this go! I love the bright orange colour and lip butters are my fave!

5. Benefit Fake Up (full review here)

I have loved this, I found it really hydrating on my eye area and did brighten it but I think the price tag is a little steep for the actual product so I won't be repurchasing :(

Loves xxx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August Beauty Favourites

Hello my little muffins!

August has been a lovely month, holidays and trips have happened plus I've been getting ready to go back to uni (woo!).  I haven't tried a huge amount of new products but the few products I have been using I have ADORED.

1. Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray

This has been amazing! I got it free in this month's Elle magazine and have not stopped using this. It really thickens and boots volume as a pre-drying treatment and hold my curls great as a hairspray.

2. Jack Wills rollerball perfume

I love these rollerballs, they are sturdy and a great handbag size. This fragrance smells really floral and slightly musky but it lasts aaaages! It has been permanently in my bag this month.

3. MUA lip liner in 'Red Drama' with 1D Lipstick in Harry's shade 'Be Mine' (full review here)

I love this combo, it is really bright and such a beautiful red. The liner makes the lipstick last a little bit longer too! I'm loving red at the moment so this is a great cheap and cheerful colour I keep reaching for.

4. MUA pearl eyeshadow in shade 12

This reminds me of MACs 'Club' shadow, I really love the green smoky shimmer and how it blends out to a pretty brown colour. I've been using this a lot because there's no need for definition shades (in the crease etc) because it blends out to different colours. 

5. Always Infinity Pads

Apologies if there are any guys reading buuut periods are vile. They are uncomfortable and painful blah blah blah. Anything that makes it slightly more comfortable is just amazing for us girlies! These pads are weird but they are so comfortable I barely feel them! I am converted.

What are your August favourites?

Loves xxx