Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer

Hey there lovelies!

I know I'm late on the chocolate flavoured bandwagon but I only tend to buy bronzers when I run out of my other one so please don't hate me! On to the review!!

I find the packaging to be a little tacky and not very sturdy at all. However I do love the little chocolate square embossing on the product, super cute!!

The smell is a very sweet chocolatey smell but not so overpowering I'm put off or feel like there's any heavy perfume that would harm my skin.

The product itself isn't all that impressive, I'm not getting the hype (sorry!). It is lovely and soft and blends well but there's just no pigmentation and really not any staying power for me. I bought it in the shade Medium so maybe I just needed a darker shade but I have to really swirl my brush around to pick up a decent amount of product. I'd say it gives a nice healthy glow to the face but it is definitely not strong enough for me to contour, paler people would find this perfect due to the matt brown shade. It's an okay product and I will continue to use it but it won't become my go-to bronzer. So gutted because I love Bourjois so much! 

You can try it for yourself at Superdrug for £7.99

Have you tried this product?
What are your thoughts?

Emma Rose xxx

Monday, 26 May 2014

OOTD - A Rainy Day Outfit

Hey there lovies! 

With all the gorgeous weather we've been having this past week, the unexpected pour down on Saturday left me in a fashion dilemma. It was still warm but miserable. Here's a little outfit I put together that day, photos courtesy of my lovely boyfriend! I went for a swing dress layered over a crop tee with a simple old leather jacket and boots, easy peasy.

Jacket - Warehouse (an old favourite)
Dress - Boohoo £10 (a new favourite)
Crop T-shirt - Topshop £8
Statement necklace - Primark £12
Shoes - Ebay £20
Satchel bag - Primark £8
Umbrella - Primark £2

What's your favourite rainy day outfit?

Emma Rose xxx

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Life Update 2014

Hello my lovelies!

Hey guys, long time no see. Ohh I'll skip all the mushy stuff for you and just get right on into the good stuff. Sooo what is the 411, what has everybody been talking about? 

Since we last talked a lot has changed surprisingly. I have finished 2nd year of uni (thank god, fashion I love you but you cause me physical pain), got an amazing boyfriend and somehow managed to get myself a work placement next year! I have come on leaps and bounds this academic year and I am determined to keep it up, and keep it documented on this home we call the Internet. 

I don't start work until August so I decided to set myself some goals:

1. Go away somewhere in the UK, I feel like I haven't seen enough of my own country

2. Blog at least twice a week (feel free to tell me off if I'm being naughty on this one, my twitters over on your right)

3. Make my own clothes

4. Open an Etsy shop

So how have you all been?

Do you have an Summer goals?

Emma Rose xxx

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blogging Break

Hello my old blogging buddies!

It's been waaaay too long but just give me a minute to explain my absence. If any of you have followed me from day 1 (over a year now…what) you will know I am a fashion design student. For any fashion design students reading this, you will understand before I even begin so you guys can get on with your merry lives. Basically I have no time for, well, anything. Therefore my wonderful little blog which I love with all my heart has had to take a back seat. Until now. I am back and more excited than ever! I will be sharing my usual weirdo self, some beauty stuff and I will be including you on my little crafty journeys! I am a fashion student after all so stay tuned for some sew-alongs and patterns. 

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has continued to follow, read and comment despite it being months since I last updated. I promise I will make it up to you!

Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry for how long it has been!


Emma Rose xxx