Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sleek Face Form Kit Review

Hello my little muffins!

I have a very round face. And a big head. Problematic. I struggle to find contour bronzers to suit me because they're either really orange or muddy. I have lusted over Sleeks contour kit for aaages and finally decided to take the plunge.

What I didn't realise was that they do a Face Form Kit which includes their infamous Rose Gold blush (in the fair/light kits) and it works out cheaper to buy this than the contour kit and blush separately. Woo student logic!!

The packaging is usual Sleek: simple, sturdy and chic. It does tend to get a little dirty but I can forgive that for how sturdy and well-sized they are. You get a good sized mirror in there too so it is pretty much handbag perfect.

The kit includes a bronzer, highlight and blush. All 3 are so super soft and pigmented it is crazzzy. Their colour choices are really great too, the bronzer is a subtle matte brown which blends nicely so you don't get a weird stripey effect and actually looks good on my skin. The highlight is my least favourite of the 3; it is a little bit too subtle but if you layer it you start to just look sparkly. I like it but I do prefer my MUA highlight. The blush is so beautiful though, you need an incredibly light hand to apply the gold-flecked peachy pink colour and it just gives a healthy glow to the cheeks. 

This lasts all day easy and is amazing value for money. You can get it here for a steal at £9.99! 

Have you tried this product?

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