Friday, 2 August 2013

The Difference Our Slap Makes

Now I have no clue where I stumbled on a picture of someone baring a half naked face (if anyone can enlighten me please let me know!!) but I was so shocked at the difference our make up makes I wanted to see for myself.

When I'm doing my make up, I'm concentrating so much on what I want it to end up like that I don't actually pay attention to what I look like 'before and after' so to speak.

So today...just for you guys...I am going face naked on the Internet. Well half anyway. So you can see how weird the contrast is. I used my usual, everyday neutral make up.

This has also made me see which products I like more than others haha! Plus I really need my eyebrows plucking, the sun just makes them grow like cavemens brows. Also, the sun has made my foundation a touch too light, something I haven't seen as much until this photo.

So after that ordeal, I challenge ALL OF YOU to do the same! Link your posts down below! It really is shocking how much we change ourselves just in the space of 10/15 minutes every morning. (Mainly my black circles and non-descript face shape.) 

Loves xxx


  1. Love this idea! I'll definitely be doing a post like this soon :)

    xoxo, Lizzy

    1. Thanks! Make sure you send me a link lovely, I'd love to see it! xx