Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Beauty Hates

Hello my little muffins! 

Today I'm just in one of those ranty moods. When there isn't actually anything wrong but everything is irritating me to the point of turning hulk-like. So what better way to harness this energy than to share it with you! (Plus list-making is a bit of an obsession of mine.)

10 things I hate about beauty products. Or application. Or beauty in general. I got a bit carried away.

10. Products that cause breakouts. You've got all excited, handed over the cash and skipped merrily home with your new moisturiser or mask or whatever. So lets try it.....oh wait it HATES your skin and you wake up with an influx of sexy spots. Goodbye money!

9. Moisturiser that takes forever to sink in. Now I know companies are always trying to combat this but not many really crack it. I love putting body cream on in the morning and most of the time I end up having to stand around attempting to dry before putting on my clothes. Grr.

8. Fake nails. I don't get why people even bother! They just destroy your real nails underneath! Someone make me understand :(

7. Eyeshadow fallout. This doesn't happen with every brand but quite a lot of the time you spend ages doing your face all pretty and then realise half your eyeshadows down your perfectly powdered cheek. Good look that one Em.

6. Eyebrows that are never symmetrical. This irritates me no end. I know noone can ever have perfectly symmetrical eyebrows but come on! They're both on the same face why is it so hard to get them the same!

5. Eyeliner wings that are never symmetrical. I seem to spend most of my mornings trying to get my eyeliner wings the same. It. Never. Happens. Ever. 

4. Gloopy nail varnish. Sometimes they're bought that way, sometimes they just change. Either way it makes application SO hard. Sort it out beauty companies!

3. Squishing your favourite lipstick. I know this has happened to all of us at some point. You take your lippie out in your bag and it gets so warm it melts and smushes. OR you are an idiot like me and miss when trying to put the lid back on...goodbye half a bullet.

2. Fake tan. Just in general. It either does absolutely NADA orrrrr you look like a wotsit. Even if you get a nice colour theres always that one patch you've missed or streaked. Yummy. 

1. Sneezing just after mascara application. Why does this happen?! Particularly if the mascara you've handed over your hard-earned money for is a stupidly wet formula anyway so you just end up looking like you've smushed spiders over your face.

Anyway, I hope you had a bit of a giggle. Let me know if you agree/disagree! 

What are YOUR beauty pet hates?

Loves xxx


  1. I agree, especially about the fake nails and moisturizer, but I disagree about the eyebrows! Remember, brows are sisters, not twins :)

    1. Haha I know! But one of my eyebrows is tons higher than the other and I just can't seem to get over my wonky eyebrow OCD! :P x