Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mid-Year Life Assessment

Now I know this isn't exactly halfway through the year but I was inspired by reading Zoella's latest post and, considering my already reflective mood, decided to follow suit.

The name of this blog doesn't just symbolise my need to inject colour into my wardrobe, it symbolises my need to inject colour into my entire life. To push myself to do new things and strive to be the happiest and best person I can be. 

Over the last 6/7 months I feel like I have done just that. Grabbing life by the balls and not giving a crap about what other people might say. 

This has been a slow process though, over the last couple of years really I have been trying to be a better judge of character in an attempt to surround myself with good, caring people. I found myself surrounded by people who didn't have as much time for me as I did for them, they made me desperately unhappy and putting a stop to that made me feel like I was taking back some of the control I felt I'd lost.

This year, these feelings started to creep back again so these past few months I have started this process all over again. I give a lot to my friendships and relationships; having people around you that at least give a rats arse about you is something I think everyone deserves. It may surprise you that you actually can CHOOSE your friends, you aren't obliged to do anything. 

This has resulted in (now I'm home from uni and all my friends are scattered across the country) me being alone a lot of the time. However, it makes me appreciate my true friends all the more and makes me appreciate all the time I get to spend with them.

I have pushed myself to do new things this year, I have been travelling for one! It scared the living daylights out of me but I managed to do it, and I met some incredible people. You can see my post here. I have driven long distance, joined a gym, dyed my hair wonderous colours and generally just smiled more.

As for actually wearing more colour, I think you guys can judge that! All my hauls and lookbooks and OOTD posts seem to be getting brighter and crazier by the minute! Maybe its how happy I'm feeling right now that is coming out in my personal style, or maybe I am just going round the bend.

You can check out my new years resolutions post here.

Loves xxx

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