Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Favourite Palette | MUA Glamour Days

Now I know this palette may not be up everyones alley, to be honest I'm not really a palette collector. I own maybe 3? Considering I rarely leave the house without at least a sweep of colour on my lids, I think this is pretty bad.

I picked this palette up a few months ago and use it most days, it has a nice mixture of neutrals and brighter colours which I like to mix in when I'm going out. My favourite is the lightest shade - a shimmery cream colour. I use it to highlight my brow bones and the inner corners of my eyes. As you can see it's so well loved!

I also love the 3 purple tones, I have really dark brown eyes and purple really makes them pop so I have been using them a lot too.

The packaging is typical MUA; simple, sturdy but slightly cheap feeling but for the price you pay it isn't exactly a major problem.

The pigmentation is amazing on these, I was so surprised! I think I just picked this up on a whim because I liked a couple of the colours but I didn't expect how lovely the quality of these shadows are. They are so silky and blend wonderfully. I love pairing these with cream bases too and I'm currently using MUA's Pro Base eye primer underneath. 

They last for around 5 hours without creasing, a couple more hours with a primer. I think this is pretty good for what you pay. I also noticed there isn't a major problem with fallout, something which majorly irritates me about putting on eyeshadow. Although by the end of the day, there is a bit of smudging under my eyes. 

I love this palette and am considering picking up a couple more. Has anyone else tried any of MUA's palettes?

Loves xxx

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