Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spring Trends

Spring is my favourite time of the year for fashion, colour starts to creep in and all the floaty creations of sunshine remind us that there is hope for British day anyway. I wanted to just do a little post on my favey trends and how I plan to incorporate them into my mish mashy wardrobe.


I know guys, the blog is named WEAR MORE COLOUR but this one is sooooo easy to do and looks great on anyone! Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Michael Kors has been getting in on the monochrome action and theres tons of gorgeousness on the high street to have a peek at.

I have totally fallen in love with this simple half and half spot tee from Topshop, so easy to dress up or down...the possibilities are endlesssss. (Or at least thats what I plan on telling myself when £32 disappears from my bank account.)

Also from Topshop are these cute square print trousers if you're feeling a little more adventurous. Again, easy to dress for day or night and its nice to have a change from the leggings-and-skinny-jeans rut I seem to have got myself into. At £35 they won't break the bank and can be worn right the way through the Summer if the Great British weather lives up to all of our bleak expectations.

The Swinging 60s:

I'm awarding Louis Vuitton with the triumph of bringing this trend in for us to enjoy. I absolutely loooove this collection, if you haven't seen it I recommend you do. Now. Click the link. Now. This seriously makes me happy.

Any shift dress that takes your eye will complete this easy look, everyone looks different in a shift dress so you need to find the one for YOU. For me, I don't really like my thighs so if I wear one that's too short I feel like I'm stomping round like a gigantic jelly. On the other hand, if it's too long it makes me look a little short and I don't suit a sleeve on them. So its about shopping round and finding one you're comfortable with because once you've found it, its here to stay!

Nouvelle Japanisme:

Firstly the name of this trend just sounds so pretty right? So many designers took this in all different directions, there are just so many avenues to go down. From the decorative at Pucci to the crisp Japanese-inspired kimono silhouettes at Etro, everyone is taking a look at the stunning Far East this season. 

It wont take a lot to incorporate this into your Spring wardrobe, just one or 2 statement pieces to put a new twist on old outfits should do the trick.

This printed kimono jacket from Zara is beautiful to jazz up a casual outfit or even add a new twist on an old favourite dress? There are quite a few from Zara at the moment that have caught my eye, they have definitely embraced the Japanese kimono look with open arms!
Is it just me or is this model a bit terrifying?
If you aren't really feeling any of these trends and aren't as excited to chuck out my Winter wardobe as I am, just wear anything white and you'll be bang on trend! Suits everyone and we all have something pretty and white we love to throw on in this season so dig it out and dust it off to try and get in the Springy mood!

Loves xxx


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