Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Primark Haul

Primark is everyones haven, we all know it and most of us don't like to admit it. However, I did pop in the other day and found a rather huge new beauty stand has been put in my local store. Of course this made me all excited and I picked up a few bits and bobs.

First I picked up these cute little nail wraps, my friend uses them all the time and says they're alright and in my experience, nail wraps don't tend to last long anyway so spending any big amount of money on them is just silly. I like using nail wraps for nights out and things because I'm no nail art expert and sometimes its just nice to have something a bit different isn't it?

Keeping with the nail theme I seem to have made a rather exciting find. Textural nail effects are still going strong in the beauty world and Ciate brought out their Caviar manicure set a while ago but with a rather hefty price tag. I have seen a few of the bottles of pearls around, I know MUA does some lovely shades but most of them don't come with a nail varnish to match. So when I found this for a mere £2.50, I thought I'd give it a go. If I don't like it then at least I haven't forked out a ton of non-existant money. They had 2 shades in my store, this one and a white/silvery colour set.

I also picked up some lashes for my night out, I often lose or destroy lashes and I used to buy the Eylure ones but I found that I was spending however much on lashes that would only last 1 or 2 wears. I do have a habit of keeping the glue though so picking up a couple of cheapy lashes but using the nicer glue suits me fine. Shockingly I really liked the 'natural' ones and will be repurchasing ASAP! I found the fuller ones to be too big for my eyes.

Lastly I picked up a sheer sleeveless shirt with a cute white collar to put on over a bandeau and tuck into my discos. I have loads of shirts like these but a lot of the buttons have popped off so I picked this one up for £5.

My outfit and make up for the night....rather vampish I think. And yes, I know, I'm wearing all black AGAIN but I couldn't help myself!

Loves xxx

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