Thursday, 21 February 2013

The bad day and many apologies

So today has been a pretty terrible day and I thought you good people of the internet deserved to know why.

First of all, what does a girl pack when going to the middle of nowhere? My style is pretty adaptable but I would't exactly call myself 'outdoorsey'. Settling for a pile of jumpers, jeans and leggings seems reasonable right? Wrong. My dearest mum called me after I'd left the house to tell me of the glorious sunshine they'd had all week. Oh fabulous so I'm going to be baking like a jacket potato all weekend then.

Getting on trains is pretty stressful at the best of times, especially when you're going somewhere you haven't been or have to change trains a lot. My journey consisted of both these things.

My first train decided it was going to be half an hour late, meaning I missed my next train by ages and then had to wait a full hour in the freezing cold for the next one. All I can say is THANK GOD for huge coats with fur hoods and woolly snoods.

Then while I was on the train I decided to do my favourite thing...perusing the blogging world. First thing to do is to check your lovely comments on here. I love looking at other blogs so when people comment with their blog page I get all giddy and as this particular blog is new, any page view or comment I get is like Christmas morning. So would my phone let me do this? No. It DELEATED all your gorgeous comments! My stress levels were rather high at this moment in time and inside my little brain the urge to throw a full on 2 year old diva tantrum was almost too difficult to resist. I did swear rather loudly though, much to the annoyance of other passengers. Oops. Yeh so if you commented please comment again I'm so desperate to read and follow you guys I swear I didn't do it on purpose!!

My inner diva has taken a bit of a beating today so I think a bit of pampering is in need tonight. I plan on a hot bubbley bath, face mask and a manicure. What's your wind down after a bad day? Let me know and I promise to never let my phone deleate anything ever again!

Outfit of the day: disco pants, oversized baby pink jumper (dorothy perkins), flowery dr martens shoes and large green coat with fur hood (topshop)
Loves xxx

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