Saturday, 23 February 2013

London Fashion Week

Yes its that time of the year again lovelies...London Fashion Week has taken over the Interweb and Blogisphere for the forseeable future. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend and instead have had to revert to obsessively Googling for every scrap of information.

I don't hide my worrying obsession with fashion but for those who actually have lives I thought I'd just put a few bits and bobs up for your enjoyment. Kind of my version of highlights and maybe even a few bitchy moments if the urge takes me...

I think first we just need to take this moment to celebrate the pure bonkers genuis of the fantastic Louise Gray. What other designer could get away with putting bin bags on model's heads and using toilet roll as accessories? She really puts the fun back in fashion, something I've been intensly missing. Looking through the collection made me giggle and noone has done that for me in a while. Take away all the madness though and the collection itself is stunning. Fantastic brights, interesting patterns and a lovely mix of texture. So. In. Love. This collection has made me excited for A/W 13. Please check her out, she did a collection for Topshop a while back so some of you may have heard the name already but if not, I hope you fall in love with this collection as much as I have.

One collection I was more intrigued about than actually looking forward to is Meadham Kirchoff. He is a rather strange designer and I don't exactly 'like' his designs but I find them absolutely fascinating and often very inspiring to my own work. This collection didn't disappoint with his usual layered, girlish fantasy aesthetic with obvious cultural influences. One look stood out from the rest and I thought it deserved a mention.

Leather jacket, floaty peach and collared combo...what's not to love?

Henry Holland is one of my all-time faves, his fun and happy style just brings a smile to my face every time. I love his H! by Holland collection for Debenhams too (in fact I love any designer that does a good high street collection that's true to their actual aesthetic for all us plebs who could never afford designer pieces in our wildest dreams)! His A/W 13 collection exceeded all my expectations and I've been happily flicking through all the photos many many times and getting all giddy. I love his mix of colour, texture and pattern and this collection has all 3 in abundance. Loud 70's patterns mixed with texture and his signature slogan jumpers has injected a large dose of sunshine into LFW. Plus he's just so damn cute!

Did someone say Pucci?
Spacey textures ooooo goody!

Please check out the rest of the collection, honestly it will make your day.

Finally we come down to the nitty gritty. I am a NORTHERN fashion student and damn proud of it. My university excels in fashion and has produced a number of noteworthy professionals within the industry and has beaten the London colleges for awards etc on many occasion, yet still we don't get the credit we deserve just because of out location. Honestly? Yes, Central Saint Martins has produced some incredible designers but this years MA collection actually made me cringe a little. (Please don't shoot me.) If it was fantastic I'd tell you it's fantastic but it really wasn't. It didn't do anything for me in any way possible, despite the unis reputation and the great reviews its had. Please tell me your thoughts and, if you do like it, try and persuade me because I'd really love to learn what all the fuss is about. 

I think this post will spill into a second, I'm just getting far too excited so keep your eye out for part 2!

Loves xxx

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