Sunday, 17 February 2013

I went shopping

Whoops! Yes to combat last weeks bout of tonsilitis I decided that fresh air would be perfect to blow away the cobwebs. Soooo I went shopping of course! Being a poor student this doesn't happen very often so thank goodness for my lovely job that brings in some pocket money every week.

I love that giddy feeling of coming home and having all your bags on the floor, not knowing which to unpack first. Probably my favey favey buy of the day was yet another lipstick to add to my embarrasingly large collection. This is Topshop's 'Whimsical' lipstick, its a gorgeous kind of pale coraly pinky colour, rather spring-like in my mind as I'm trying to move away from my Winter reds. I love Topshop make up its always so lovely packaged and the lipsticks are nice and moisturising and heavily pigmented. At £8 plus my trusty NUS 10% discount, I managed to justify it in my head somehow.(Oh and I've discovered it makes my teeth look lovely and white aswell so bonus!)

Yummy cotton scented candle in there too, thank you mummy!!

I then wandered into Superdrug and I heard a faint 'ooo come and buy me' calling me from the Barry M stand. 2 nail varnishes for £6? Yes please! I made a rather intriguing find with a new textured nail varnish, nails are still making statements in the beauty world so this one caught my eye. I got a lovely pale pink in this called 'Kingsland Road' and one of the Gelly Hi-Shine paints in 'Papaya' (a bright orangey-coral). Beaut!!
The Gelly varnish is my new fave, not too sure on the textured one...feels very strange but a pretty colour

My last purchase has been one I've been toying with for months. They're taking over the universe and I have been attempting to avoid the bandwagon. I bought disco pants! The reason I've been funny about committing to a purchase is because I've only really seen super tall, super skinny girls wandering round in them; and although I'm not big I am a little curvy at a healthy size 12 and wasn't sure about how my rather rounded thighs would look in the shiny fabric. Turns out I LOVE THEM and both my friend and shop assistant agreed that us curvier girls wear them better. Sorted. I bought them at a local and lovely boutique called 'Coco Boo' owned by 2 UCLan graduate sisters and they have both a shop in Preston and Halifax. A girly gorgeous paradise I must admit, I recommend taking a peek. At £24.99 they are flattering and good quality, but the sizings are kind of teeny so I had to go up a size. I look forward to wearing them with my vast collection of blouses and baggy t-shirts! Yaaayy!!

Link up to Coco's online shop so take a gander peeps...
Plus they post up street style, window displays and general updates very regularly so get liking and following!

Lessons learnt that day: stop looking at other people, wear what YOU love. And it turns out you need a round bum to work the Sandy look!

Loves xxx

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