Thursday, 11 July 2013

She's Too Pure To Be Pink

Well today I've had a stroke of Summer madness and have sort of maybe...kinda....dyed my hair pink? Well not properly, I have used Loreal Feria Pastel Pink Toning Conditioner so it washes out. But what the hell! It's Summer!

I have had Ombre hair for around 6/7 months now and have just kept a nice natural dark blonde to contrast my natural dark brunette hair. After seeing this little baby in Boots I thought I'd give it a whirl to refresh my blonde bits and give myself a little grin.

The stuff just goes on like a thick conditioner, I decided to go down this route also because I'm very allergic to most hair dyes (particularly those containing PPD) so this seemed like a weaker solution and less likely for an A and E trip. It smells really nice actually and, although it says leave on for 15 minutes, after a bit of Googling I decided to go for a 30 minute soak up. It is a toning conditioner so it won't damage my hair anywhere near as much as my usual bleaching does and it has a rich formula to hopefully add a nice shine to it.



I wasn't so sure how well this was going to take on my hair because it's kind of at that faded slightly gingery stage now but I'm really pleased with the subtle tint it's given my hair, particularly when the sun catches it. So summery and pretty but if you want a really pink shade, I think you need to have very light/white dyed hair. Plus my hair feels so super nourished and soft so bonus!! Love love love! Just wish it won't fade so fast.

Have you been experimenting with your hair colour this summer?

Loves xxx

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