Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Illamasqua 'Emerge' Cream Pigment Review

Hello my little muffins!

Yes I lost my Illamasqua virginity. It was difficult at first to give in but wow it felt good afterwards. Enough with the innuendos Emma...just get on with the review...sorry.

I have moaned and complained numerous times about my horrific dark circles under my eyes and have been desperate to try an orange-toned concealer to cancel this out. (Remember colour wheels in school art classes?) I know MAC is supposed to do an amazing one but I decided to finally bite the Illamasqua bullet.

Firstly, packaging. I love the quirky little shape to this and the sleek black lid. For a potted concealer (as opposed to a tube) there is actually quite a lot of product in this and I love how the bottom is clear so I know exactly what I'm taking out the drawer.

The texture is quite hard but goes incredibly creamy once worked slightly. However, the pigmentation is insane on this so the tiniest amount goes a long way! 

I layer this underneath my usual Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (sometimes a tiny bit over the top aswell if things are looking incredibly bad under there) and set with a bit of powder. It lasts pretty much all day with no creases and counteracts all my gross bluey tones fantastically!

I know £17.50 is a bit of a steep price tag but I've been using this looooads and have barely made a dent so it will last a long time. Plus you are paying for a high quality, pretty specific product. Personally, it's a must.

You can find Emerge here.


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  3. Desperate to try Illamasqua out, the packaging is so pretty. x