Thursday, 7 March 2013

B. at Superdrug Review

Oh my goodness. This is quickly becoming my favourite drugstore brand already. I had never heard of it before I wandered into my local Superdrug and saw all the new stands promoting it. There was a 'spend £10 and get a free gift' offer on so why not eh? So I thought I'd try a few bits and bobs out and let all you lovelies know how I got on. 

The packaging itself is clean and simple, I had no clue it was an own brand until I looked it up on the Internet. Easily recognised and looks great on my dressing table.

Firstly I picked up this gorgeous B. Cheeky blusher in 'Rosy Brown', I find it very difficult to choose blushers as I don't like too much shimmer and I naturally have quite pinky skin so picking the perfect browny or peachy tones has become an obsession of mine. This one is super pigmented and blends really nicely with my favey MAC 182 brush. I have literally worn this every single day since I bought it!

I have very combination skin with dry cheeks and quite an oily t-zone so I wanted an exfoliator which would work with my annoying skin. The B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser caught my eye, it has a lovely rich moisturising texture to it and the micro beads aren't too harsh, which I love. My skin has been super soft and has definitely balanced out since I started using. It also isn't heavily perfumed which is great for me because I'm always a bit wary about putting perfumed things near my eyes. BIG thumbs up from me girlies!!

Now, my free gift excited me very much (who doesn't get excited when the word 'free' is involved . Normally free stuff is a bit rubbish but they did pack quite a few little beauties in this teeny bag. 

Their mini lipstick in 'Rose Quartz' has also become an everyday staple of mine at the moment, very creamy and moisturising with a pretty pink/brown colour which lasts quite a long time!

They also put in a full-sized B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer in 'Golden Sand'. This stuff is lovely for a night-out-eyes base and is a pretty colour for spring. I'm very excited to use this!

Eye shimmer and lipstick swatches
Finally they put in 3 little sample tubes of B. Radiant Rejuvenating Serum, B. Vitalised Eye Cream and BB Cream. All 3 of these have nice subtle scents to them (when I say 'clean smell' do you know what I mean?) and I will definitely be buying them in full sized they all melt into the skin and my skin has been soft and glowy since I dived in. 

These products are now in my skincare staples so if you are intrigued like I was, I'd definitely give them a go as I haven't found a downfall yet!

Loves xxx

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